20 Pics Proving That Cats Are The Cutest Things On Earth

The reason why each of us gets a cat may varies, but one thing for sure is that they look cute to us. Their playful but sometimes serious attitude is super entertaining. Other than that, there are some scientifically proven benefits of owning a cat, such as: stress relief, mental illness support, pest control, etc. but let’s not dwell on that here. Today we just want to show you a compilation of cute cat photos! Hopefully this will encourage you to adopt a kitty.


When you meet people for the first time and are very shy:

© FlappingMishey / reddit

“Can we please cuddle?”

© dogluvrfurever / reddit

“After an hour of fighting, they decided to hug it out.”

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© shaneamaya / reddit

We must all squish those little cheeks!

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How to melt a human’s heart:

© MrTowelieee / reddit

“Help me!”

© radoslav7 / reddit

A family portrait

© AllIDoIsRedditing / reddit

“5 more minutes and I’ll get up.”

© T0NYdeP0NY / reddit

“My cat admiring my pregnant wife”

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A crazy cat who loves her tennis ball more than anything else

© emilhamil / Tumblr

“It has been very clearly explained to him that those aren’t real whales and dolphins.”

© dr–moreau / reddit

“Can you play with me?”

© BigAl_13 / reddit

“Give me 5 human buddy!”

© TheOtherKav / reddit

A little angel safe in the arms of her nanny

© KapitanKurt / reddit

“My bed”

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This little cross-eyed baby is still an absolute cutie!

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